Sports Performance


Our performance goal is to Provide our athletes with the most effective, up-to-date education, training techniques, technology and coaching in an enriching environment geared towards achieving unmatched results.
Our elite coaching staff of performance coaches serve as ambassadors for athletic performance. We are dedicated to changing the lives of young athletes and be positive role-models.
We are dedicated to molding talented young athletes into not just athletic machines but positive role-models.
Our programming has also been the engine under the hood of some of the most elite professional athletes in the world who have attained some of the highest accolades in sports.
Regardless of your fitness level or goals, the LAB’s performance coaches can help you fulfill your athletic dreams and make them a REALITY.

 We can help if your goals are to:

  • Making your team
  • Starting for your team
  • Earning all-American honors
  • Earning a college scholarship
  • Playing professional sports
  • Earning the MVP in your pro league
The LAB is the place to be when you are looking to catapult your athletic performance to the next level!
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