Success Stories

What people are saying about The LAB:

The training that I received at the LAB during the NFL Lockout not only kept me in great shape, it addressed any deficiencies that I had to keep me on the field for sixteen straight games.  Michael Piercy takes the time to create a detailed workout plan with overall health and fitness in mind.  There is no limit to the creativity and innovation Michael uses to challenge you mentally and physically.  I can honestly say that it was a pleasure to work with Michael Piercy with his help and expertise I did not miss a single beat when we embarked on our Super Bowl Championship season.

-Kareem McKenzie

Right Tackle, Super Bowl XLII & XLVI Champion NY Giants



I have been training with Mike for almost a year now. Working with him has been a pleasure and one of the most beneficial experiences I’ve ever had. He’s led me to a first singles position at my high school and also sectional and state level victories in just my first season of my high school tennis career. But I can’t define him to my personal accomplishments or just as a really good trainer and motivator. Mike directs your passion towards success, but he also makes you fall in love with what you do. Working out isn’t just a task anymore.

Before I came to Mike, I remember watching a YouTube video narrated by the hip hop preacher, Eric Thomas. I thought belief was something you only saw in movies, but Mike proved that it wasn’t just a  glorified speech. Now I know that my goals are attainable and together, we’re working hard to reach them. I have never felt stronger, physically or mentally. Thank you Mike.  

— Cynthia Huang

Varsity Tennis Player-Newark Academy



Mike is an awesome trainer to work with- his positivity is wonderful and it always makes me want to work harder. I began seeing real changes and great results after just a few sessions with him. Not only is he incredibly motivational, he is also very smart and is always able and willing to talk to me about the exercises, the muscular system and what’s going on with my body in general. It is great to know that when working with Mike you’re in good hands with a trainer who is highly skilled, intelligent and helps you achieve real results.

 –-Angeline Rose Troy

Actress, Producer at Cassiopeia Productions 



Mike Piercy is not only an expert in the field of sports performance and fitness, he is also a wonderful motivator! Mike makes you feel as if you can do more to hit the fitness goals that you have for yourself. As an ex-professional athlete, and soccer coach I’m always looking to find the newest and most effective ways of training and Mike is always ahead of the curve with the most advanced forms of training. Mike has always helped me achieve my goals and in a way that is enjoyable and beneficial. 

–Joe Montesinos

Owner, Coaching Director

Valencia Soccer Academy



Mike Piercy is an extraordinary personal trainer. I chose to start training with Mike 3 months before my wedding and in those 3 months he got me in the best shape of my life and was so happy with the results that I continued to work him after. He pushed me to do my best and found new ways each week to challenge me. His positive attitude, motivation and encouragement make you want to work harder. He is passionate about his work and always willing to take the extra time to make sure you are happy with his work.

– Mary-Kate Aquino


Mike Piercy taught a circuit training session with me. I am someone who has some serious medical issues. However, he took the time to create a safe and effective workout for my health needs. Mike is professional, motivating and encouraging. I highly recommend him for a challenging experience.

– Theresa Langevin